X11 app-defaults für xosview

pfad in redhat linux 9: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/

! **********************************************************************
! **********************************************************************
! **  DO NOT EDIT Xdefaults!!!!
! **
! **  Only make changes to the file Xdefaults.in, and re-run ./configure
! **  to regenerate Xdefaults.
! **
! **  Thanks,
! **    the Management :)    (bgrayson)
! **
! **********************************************************************
! **********************************************************************
!  xosview resources (override into your .Xdefaults file)
!  $Id$

! General Resources

!xosview*geometry:           +5+5
xosview*captions:           True
xosview*labels:             True
xosview*transparent:        False
xosview*meterLabelColor:    green
xosview*usedlabels:         True
xosview*usedLabelColor:     green
xosview*borderwidth:        0
xosview*font:               5x8
xosview*background:         black
xosview*foreground:         green
xosview*enableStipple:	    False ! Change to true to try beta stipple support.
xosview*samplesPerSec:      10    ! not yet supported
xosview*graphNumCols:       128   ! number of samples shown in a graph

! Load Meter Resources
! We don't need to enable the Decay option, as it is already time-averaged.

xosview*load:               True
xosview*loadCritColor:      red
xosview*loadWarnColor:      orange
xosview*loadProcColor:      seagreen
xosview*loadIdleColor:      aquamarine
xosview*loadPriority:       20
xosview*loadCritThreshold:  5
xosview*loadWarnThreshold:  2
xosview*loadDecay:          False
xosview*loadGraph:          False
xosview*loadUsedFormat:     float
xosview*loadCpuSpeed:       True

! Gfx Meter Resources ( Irix )

xosview*gfx:               True
xosview*gfxCritColor:      red
xosview*gfxWarnColor:      orange
xosview*gfxSwapColor:      seagreen
xosview*gfxIdleColor:      aquamarine
xosview*gfxPriority:       1    ! dont change, until you know what you do
xosview*gfxCritThreshold:  120  ! swapbuffers/s per pipe
xosview*gfxWarnThreshold:  60   ! swapbuffers/s per pipe
xosview*gfxDecay:          False
xosview*gfxGraph:          False
xosview*gfxUsedFormat:	   autoscale

! CPU Meter Resources

xosview*cpu:                True
xosview*cpuUserColor:       seagreen
xosview*cpuNiceColor:       yellow
xosview*cpuSystemColor:     orange
xosview*cpuInterruptColor:  red
xosview*cpuSoftIntColor:    red
xosview*cpuWaitColor:       lightblue
xosview*cpuFreeColor:       aquamarine
xosview*cpuPriority:        1
xosview*cpuDecay:           True
xosview*cpuGraph:           True
xosview*cpuUsedFormat:	    percent
xosview*cpuFormat:          auto   ! single, all, auto or both

! Memory Meter Resources
! Not all of these are used by a specific platform.

xosview*mem:                True
xosview*memKernelColor:     yellow
xosview*memUsedColor:       seagreen
xosview*memSharedColor:     SkyBlue
xosview*memBufferColor:     orange
xosview*memCacheColor:      red
xosview*memFreeColor:       aquamarine
xosview*memTextColor:       blue
xosview*memOtherColor:      orange
xosview*memActiveColor:	    blue
xosview*memInactiveColor:   lightblue
xosview*memPriority:        10
xosview*memDecay:           False
xosview*memGraph:           False
xosview*memUsedFormat:	    autoscale

! Swap Meter Resources

xosview*swap:               True
xosview*swapUsedColor:      seagreen
xosview*swapFreeColor:      aquamarine
xosview*swapReservedColor:  yellow
xosview*swapPriority:       10
xosview*swapDecay:          False
xosview*swapGraph:          False
xosview*swapUsedFormat:	    autoscale

! Page Meter Resources

xosview*page:               True
xosview*pageBandwidth:      120
xosview*pageInColor:        SkyBlue
xosview*pageOutColor:       SlateBlue1
xosview*pageIdleColor:      aquamarine
xosview*pagePriority:       5
xosview*pageDecay:          False
xosview*pageGraph:          False
xosview*pageUsedFormat:     autoscale

! Network Meter Resources

xosview*net:		    True
xosview*netBandwidth:       7500  ! for 64kbps ISDN
!xosview*netBandwidth:       5000  ! for up to 57.6kbps modems
!xosview*netBandwidth:       2000  ! for 28.8kbps modems (no compression)
!                                  ! or  14.4kbps modems (with compression)
!xosview*netBandwidth:    1000000  ! for 10Mbit/s Ethernet (could be 1250000)
!xosview*netBandwidth:   10000000  ! for 100Mbit/s Ethernet (could be 12500000)
xosview*netInColor:         SkyBlue
xosview*netOutColor:        SlateBlue1
xosview*netBackground:      aquamarine
xosview*netPriority:        2
xosview*netDecay:           True
xosview*netGraph:           True
xosview*netUsedFormat:	    autoscale
xosview*netIface:           False

! Linux-only resources:

! Serial Meter Resources
! set 'True' for autodetection or give the baseaddress
! (autodetection may fail sometimes, if the port is
! locked by ppp/slip for example)

!xosview*serial0:            0x3f8
!xosview*serial1:            0x2f8
!xosview*serial2:            0x3e8
!xosview*serial3:            0x2e8
xosview*serial0:            False
xosview*serial1:            False
xosview*serial2:            False
xosview*serial3:            False
xosview*serial4:            False
xosview*serial5:            False
xosview*serial6:            False
xosview*serial7:            False
xosview*serial8:            False
xosview*serial9:            False
xosview*serialOnColor:      red
xosview*serialOffColor:     aquamarine
xosview*serialPriority:     1

! Interrupt Meter Resources

xosview*interrupts:         True
xosview*intOnColor:         red
xosview*intOffColor:        aquamarine
xosview*intPriority:	    1

! Interrupt Rate Meter Resources
xosview*irqrate:	True
xosview*irqrateUsedColor:	red
xosview*irqrateIdleColor:	black
xosview*irqratePriority:	1
xosview*irqrateUsedFormat:  autoscale
xosview*irqrateDecay:	True
xosview*irqrateGraph:	False

! Battery Meter Resources

xosview*battery:            True
xosview*batteryLeftColor:   orange
xosview*batteryUsedColor:   aquamarine
xosview*batteryPriority:    50
xosview*batteryUsedFormat:  percent
xosview*batteryChargeColor: green
xosview*batteryFullColor:   magenta
xosview*batteryLowColor:    red
xosview*batteryCritColor:   red
xosview*batteryNoneColor:   grey

! Disk Meter Resources

xosview*disk:		    True
xosview*diskUsedColor:	    seagreen
xosview*diskIdleColor:	    aquamarine
xosview*diskWriteColor:     SlateBlue1
xosview*diskReadColor:      SkyBlue
xosview*diskBandwidth:      10000000 ! 10MB/s should be reasonable today for
                                     ! both IDE and SCSI
xosview*diskPriority:	    10
xosview*diskDecay:	    True
xosview*diskUsedFormat:     autoscale
xosview*diskGraph:	    True

xosview*RAID:                 False
xosview*RAIDdevicecount:      1
xosview*RAIDdiskOnlineColor:  green
xosview*RAIDdiskFailureColor: red
xosview*RAIDresyncdoneColor:  yellow
xosview*RAIDresynctodoColor:  red
xosview*RAIDresynccompleteColor:  green
xosview*RAIDPriority:         20
xosview*RAIDUsedFormat:       percent

xosview*horizontalMargin:      5
xosview*verticalMargin:        5
xosview*verticalSpacing:       5

! Lms Temp
xosview*lmstemp:	False
xosview*lmstempActColor:	blue
xosview*lmstempHighColor:	red
xosview*lmstempIdleColor:      aquamarine
! xosview*lmstempHighest:	100
! default 100
xosview*lmstemp1:	temp
xosview*lmstemp2:	remote_temp
! for more sensors just add entries here
! note, there is currently no way to configure sensors with same
! name in different subdirs
! xosview*lmstempLabel1:	TMP
! labels for avove sensors (default = TMP)
xosview*lmstempLabel2:	RTMP
xosview*lmstempPriority: 20
xosview*lmstempUsedFormat: autoscale

xosview*NFSDStats:       False
xosview*NFSDStatCallsColor:     green
xosview*NFSDStatBadCallsColor: red
xosview*NFSDStatUDPColor:       yellow
xosview*NFSDStatTCPColor:       orange
xosview*NFSDStatIdleColor:      aquamarine
xosview*NFSDStatDecay:		True
xosview*NFSDStatGraph:		False
xosview*NFSDStatUsedFormat:	percent

xosview*NFSStats:       False
xosview*NFSStatReTransColor:    red
xosview*NFSStatAuthRefrshColor: yellow
xosview*NFSStatCallsColor:      SkyBlue
xosview*NFSStatIdleColor:       aquamarine
xosview*NFSStatDecay:		True
xosview*NFSStatGraph:		False
xosview*NFSStatUsedFormat:	percent

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